Recording and Mixing


  • 2-hour-block $150
  • 4-hour-block  $250
  • 6-hour block $325
  • 8-hour-block  $400
  • 16-hour block $700
  • 28-hour block $1120
  • 40-hour block $1520

Making this Easy!

  • Each date booked consumes a 2-hour minimum
  • Time consumed in 1-hour increments.
  • Blocks expire in 24 months. Purchase the amount you need for the next 2 years.
  • Save money and lower your rate by buying a bigger block.

Prep for Mixing

  • Multiple “stems”, one stem per track.
  • Stem format: audio files, mono or stereo, WAV or AIFF
  • Mono sounds need mono audio file.
  • Stereo Sounds need stereo file, panned hard LEFT/RIGHT
  • MUST BE MONO:  kick, snare, tom, hat, shaker/tambourine/etc, vocalist, solos, electric bass, acoustic solo violin/viola/cello/contrabass, upright bass, live woodwind instrument parts, live horn parts
  • CAN BE STEREO OR MONO: acoustic piano, rhythm electric/acoustic guitar, picked acoustic guitar, synths, overheads, drum machines, horn section, string section, choir, woodwind section, etc.
  • 6dB+ headroom, no clipping
  • all audio files same time length or provide OMF/AAF
  • no compressed (MP3/FLAC/M4A/M4P)
  • ideal is 24bit or 32-bit,  44.1kHz or 48kHz

Session Formats

  • Pro-tools 10/11 session folder
  • Logic Pro session file/folder
  • Studio One 3 or older song folder
  • reaper, garage band, reason 8 or older

Delivery to Me

  • cloud link (dropbox,, sharefile, etc) to folder or zip
  • usb drive

Delivery to You

  • cloud link (dropbox,, sharefile, etc) to folder or zip
  • usb drive
  • Delivered after full payment.

Tracking tips

Audio stem files need sufficient headroom and signal.  If the tracks are showing signal between green and yellow, you’re in the right spot. If they are nearing the top of yellow and hitting red, they’re too hot and may have clipping. It’s important to record in the green area. Tracks that are too hot or too low in signal will need to be corrected.  Too low equals noisy recording.

Prep for Recording

  • Know your song (play and sing)
  • Drummers need 2 (or more) hours to setup
  • Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar Options: bring instrument only, with pedals, with head only is fine, with amp is fine. Do let me know ahead.
  • Pianists: I have Korg SV-1, Yamaha Motif XF8 for you to play.
  • Vocalists: bring water, tight clothing restricts singing.
  • Recording order for band: Drums and Bass, Guitars/Keys, Lead Vocals, Background vocals, instrument solos.
  • Recording order for instrument/vox:  both, then instrument alone, then vocal alone.
  • Provide song names, instruments/tracks per song ahead of gig.

Session Formats order of my preference

  • Studio One
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro
  • Everything else
  • 48k/24-bit

Delivery to You

  • tracks and/or mix over cloud-link (dropbox)
  • your USB drive.


  • Can I bring my own headphones? – yes but we have them as well
  • Smoking?  – tobacco only and outside
  • Vaping? – outside
  • Eating/Drinking? – upstairs in the kitchen
  • Friends? – Six people max including musicians
  • When do I get my mix and/or tracks? – at the end of session after payment
  • How Early/Late for recording? – 8am earliest start, 10pm hard stop
  • What to expect? – musical suggestions from me unless you say you no
  • Anything else? – I might facebook post video/pic of a session moment or two
  • Can I help with mix? – yes you can
  • Will you play piano/keyboards? – I can if you want me to.
  • Can I change key after recording live instruments ? – up/down 2 steps limit
  • What do you have for virtual instruments? – pretty much everything
  • Virtual El Guitar/Bass Guitar amps? – Softube library, Waves library, Marshall Stack, Fender Amp
  • Can I bring my kid? – if s/he is recording to a track or comes with babysitter
  • Where are you? – Southern NH.


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